Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

The spanish guitar- Which shows how to tune and how to play chords “rasgado” in a wonderful manner (English version)

His treatise on the five-course guitar was first printed in Barcelona in 1596; no copies of this edition are known to survive. The earliest known copy is one printed in Lérida in 1626, now in the Newberry Library, Chicago. This reproduces the Aprobacion and Imprimatur of the Bishop of Barcelona, dated 15 June 1596 and 5 July 1596 respectively, and Amat’s letter dedicating the work to Juan de Agua Viva y Tamarit dated 10 August, 1596, from the original edition. The 1626 version was reprinted in Lérida in 1627; there is a copy in the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid. This includes the letter of dedication, but not the Aprobacion and Imprimatur. In 1639 a new edition of the work was printed in Barcelona; there is a copy in the Biblioteca Marucelliana, Florence. This includes the Aprobacion and Imprimatur dated 1596, but not Amat’s letter of dedication. Instead it has a letter addressed to Amat by Leonardo de San Martín, dated 30 April 1639; this gives the date of the first edition as 1586 – probably a misprint. There were at least two further seventeenth century editions printed in Barcelona, in 1640 – a copy is in the library of the Hispanic Society of America, and in 1674 – in 1918 a copy was listed as being in a private collection. Both include the Aprobacion, Imprimatur and Amat’s letter of...

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