Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Francisco Tarrega and the art of guitar transcription

The year 2009 is momentous for many reasons, among them the death centenaries of two giants of Spanish music: Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909)and Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909). Both were virtuoso soloists as well asaccomplished composers,and this tells us much about the age in which they lived, one inwhich soloists were expected to be more than mere executants. They were also expected to be able to improvise and to compose their own music. However, the pianist Albéniz inherited an ample and first-rate repertoire; the guitarist Tárregadid not. Tárrega’s output, then, includes not only original compositions but also many transcriptions of works by famous composers of the eighteenth and nineteenth...

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