Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

The Lute Music and Related Writings in the Stammbuch of Johann Stobaeus

The  Stammbuehor album of Johann  Stobaeus, MS  Sloane  1021 in  the British  Library,  is  dated  January  8, 1640. Stobaeus, its owner, was Kapellmeister in  Konigsberg,  East  Prussia . The  album  contains  l6  pieces forteen or eleven-course  lute, including  dances, secular pieces with generic titles, and settings of  chorale  tunes .Other major material includes two short sets of lute instructions  for  singers of liturgical  music; poems by  members of th e  Komgsberger Diahterkres; and  short  rhymes  and  epigrams , many  of  which  concern  the ...

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