Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

BWV 999 Preludio en Do Menor para Laúd (David Tayler, archilaúd)

Bach's prelude BWV 999 features a dialogue of two textures. The more present texture, which consists of an endless arpeggio in the treble range, is accompanied by a flat-footed bass line that is almost invariably composed of two melodic skips downwards. This bass pattern is varied only once, in the thirty-third bar (Bach loved to construct pattern in threes), where the work stabilizes in G Major before the final coda. In the arpeggiated part, long lines of counterpoint are carefully woven into the chordal texture, also resolving in the thirty-third bar with the bass line. In the middle section of the work, the stepwise motion of the bass settles on a long pedal point on D which oscillates briefly with the E Flat a half step higher; the E Flat is the pivot point between the two keys of C Minor and G...

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