Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Me and the Devil Blues - Full Documentary

Two goofy Australian musicians take to the American Blues Trail to confront the mysterious legend of the crossroads. A search for the true soul of the Blues begins... as two friends discover they are facing a crossroads in their own lives.


Featuring Priestess Miriam Chamani, Ben Payton, Lena Towner and Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith.

Me, Myself & iPod:

As they drive from New Orleans to Chicago, they meet with a number of Blues personalities as they try to grasp the inconsistencies and contradictions of the legend of Robert Johnson, one of the original Blues men. Johnson's legend states that he soul his soul to the Devil in exchange for extraordinary guitar talent, way back in the '30's.
Singh and Prewett's story runs parallel to the Robert Johnson legend, which is slowly pieced together as they meet a Voodoo Priestess, a former Chess Records secretary, and Muddy Waters' drummer, among other Blues personalities.
As they travel along Highway 61, the two friends explore the beautiful and varied scenery of the American South. From Jackson to Clarksdale they follow the Mississippi River, playing the Blues along the way in some genuine shotgun shacks. In Memphis, they stop by the legendary Sun Studio to record a few tracks in the studio that was home to hundreds of Blues Musicians, before Elvis walked in and introduced a white audience to the Blues.
As the two friends experience many facets of the Blues lifestyle, they come to understand that the Robert Johnson legend holds more significance to them than they ever realized, as their friendship approaches a crossroads of its own.



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