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Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Marshall Factory Tour (Part 1)

This is PART ONE of a TWO PART video I made from a recent visit to the Marshall Amplification factory in Milton Keynes UK.

Phil Wells showed us around the factory and we were shown many models being produced including the 1962, the JVM210 and 410 , hand wired plexi and the YJM100 which has just been released.

This video will probably show you the Marshall factory like you have never seen it before, and at the end of video two we show you some of the very rare amps at Marshall HQ including one of the very first Marshall aluminium plexi heads and of course the marshall No 1 chassis.

Check out this video - we show you manufacturing from chassis right through to testing, failed product and what goes on to fix those products - as well as amps in the repair shop from customers, shipping (see some amps destined for your country) and we answer why other countries can sometimes be slow to receive their allocation of Marshall amps.

This is a thoroughly enlightening video and Phil shows you exactly what goes on at Marshall... all in a great way.

There are some tips in these two videos too... so check them out but remember to get the best out of these two you have to watch them right through to the end of each one.

Don't forget to hop over to to see all the reviews and other stuff for guitarists. The place for no bull**it reviews... see you there soon.
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