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Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

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Turkish Oud Construction (1)


In January 2002 I received an Oud as a gift. This was a Turkish oud made by Cankaya Music in Istanbul, Turkey. It was modified for better sound and playability by oud maker Najib Shaheen. A few weeks after I received it, and after the urging of a few individuals, I considered the idea of building my own. Being quite frugal I thought that I could make my own oud and save some money if I ever wanted to buy another one. With some measurements and initial advise provided by Najib Shaheen, I decided to begin the oud. I have several years of woodcarving and woodworking experience, so I wasn’t new to the subject. However, I consider instrument making to be the most refined form of woodworking, and I knew that I had much to learn, mostly patience. I decided early on that I did not care when I finished it. Shortly after I began the project I joined an on-line oud forum. I discovered from this source a man who makes ouds based on those of the early 20th century luthier Hanna Nahat of Damascus. (Nahat ouds are highly regarded, rare and very valuable. Many professional oud players use Nahat ouds, among them Simon Shaheen.) He published a book detailing the construction of an oud based on the Nahat design. The book is titled “Oud Construction and Repair” by Richard Hankey. This book will be the primary, but not only source for the construction of this oud. Feel free to email me if you have any...

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