Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Autor: Adam M. Foster

Hans Haug: The Chamber Works Featuring the Guitar- An Evolution of Style, Texture, and Form.

Hans Haug was a prominent Swiss composer and conductor who utilized the guitar in his compositions over a thirty-seven-year period. A full-time conductor and teacher who resided principally in French Switzerland, he composed well over 200 works in variety of genres and forms. The purpose of this treatise is to expose the compositional work of Hans Haug's chamber music to guitarists, and to other musicians interested in learning about his evolving musical style. First, this treatise serves to illustrate the biographical and historical context of Haug's musical training in Basel and Munich, which established his musical style and his philosophy towards music. Second, the focus will largely fall on the textural role the guitar played in all his published solo and chamber music, as well as aspects drawn from other works written concurrently to the two concert chamber works for guitar: the Fantasia pour Guitare et Piano (1957), and the Capriccio pour Fl'te et Guitare (1963). The analysis draws from his treatment of tonality which he incorporated into his melodic and harmonic textures'a technique which he called the Harmony of Gravitation. Finally, the analysis of style will elucidate compositional aspects in the contrasting textures introduced, providing a stylistic overview for performing musicians and scholars to understand the musical style of Hans Haug. Discussion of performance techniques will focus largely on the guitarist, although aspects of performance practice for other instrumentalists will be provided in...

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