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Playford tunes, "Princess Anne's 'Lute' book" (Stephen Kenyon, guitarra barroca)

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Mr Isaac Maggot


Nobody´s Jigg a Playford tune


The Garter or King James March


Performed by Stephen Kenyon on a baroque guitar made in 2013 by Alexander Batov.
The edition from which this performance was made was edited by Monica Hall;
but I am responsible for a number of elements that are not present in that scholarly edition.
For full details of the background to these pieces please visit;
and find the link to Playfordcomplete under "My Scores".

The pieces are arranged for baroque guitar and written in tablature, which was in the past mistaken for lute tablature, hence the name of the book.
The full museum collection title of the book is NL.D.Hgm Ms.4 E.73, and it is in the Nederlands Muziekinstituut in the Hague.
The original collection of tunes was published by John Playford starting in 1651, and the Princess Anne 'Lute' book (my quotation marks) dates from around 1695-1700.
The reverb setting for this recording;
Altiverb; Oratorium, Esterházy Palace - 20%
The splendid Baroque residence palace built by Carlo Martino Carlone for Prince Paul IV Esterházy (1635--1713) between 1663 and 1672 transforming the medieval castle. Prince Paul Anton Esterházy (1711--1762), Prince Nicholas Joseph Esterházy (1714--1790) and Prince Nicholas II Esterházy (1765--1833) were the patrons of the composer Joseph Haydn (1732--1809), who worked here from 1761 for 30 years as court conductor. The precious festival hall, today called Haydn-Saal, was the room where Haydn conducted uncounted performances which were also visited by such famous guests as Ludwig van Beethoven, and Franz Lizst.



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