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Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

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Bryan Johanson's 13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings for Two Guitars: Recording and Critical Investigation

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The purpose of this project is to introduce Bryan Johanson's composition for two guitars, 13 Ways of Looking at12 Strings, and present an authoritative recording appropriate for publishing. This fifty-minute piece represents a fascinating suite in thirteen movements. The author of this project performed both guitar parts, recorded them separately in a music studio, then mixed them together into one recording. This document focuses on the critical investigation and description of the piece with a brief theoretical analysis, a discussion of performance difficulties, and guitar preparation. The composer approved the use and the scope of this project. Bryan Johanson is one of the leading contemporary composers for the guitar today. 13 Ways of Looking at 12 Stringsis a unique guitar dictionary that takes us from Bach to Hendrix and highlights the unique capabilities of the instrument. It utilizes encoded messages, glass slides, metal mutes, explosive “riffs,” rhythmic propulsion, improvisation, percussion, fugual writing, and much more. It has a great potential to make the classical guitar attractive to wider audiences, not limited only to guitarists and musicians. The main resources employed in researching this document are existing recordings of Johanson's and other compositions and documentation of his personal views and ideas. This written document uses the composer's prolific and eclectic compositional output in order to draw conclusions and trace motifs. This project is a significant and original contribution in expanding the guitar's repertoire, and it uniquely contributes to bringing forth a significant piece of music.

Bryan Johanson's 13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings  for Two Guitars:  Recording and Critical Investigation

Recording of movement 1: Toccataesque mp3

Recording of movement 2: Bad Egg Cafe mp3

Recording of movement 6: Strings Etouffee mp3

Recording of movement 7: Steel Pans mp3

Recording of movement 8: Slide Rule mp3

Recording of movement 10: EGAD! mp3

Recording of movement 13: Jammus Vulgaris mp3



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