Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Autor: Carlo Domeniconi (1947-)

Op. 19 Koyunbaba (Brandon Acker, guitarra)

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*Be careful of your speaker volume at 13:20. The applause caused the mic's to clip and distort.

Koyunbaba Op. 19
-0:00 Moderato
-4:10 Mosso
-5:34 Cantabile
-9:23 Presto

Carlo Domeniconi is an Italian contemporary guitarist and composer. After a visit to Turkey, he became infatuated with its culture and people. Since then, he has developed a compositional style that reflects the regional folk influence and even started his own guitar department at a conservatory in Istanbul. This four-movement work is one of the most talked about pieces in the modern guitar repertoire. Koyunbaba by translation means "Sheep Father" or "Shepherd." Domeniconi presents the portrait of the Koyunbaba offering a prayer for the safe delivery of his flock. A key feature is the retuning of the guitar known as scordatura. It is tuned to a C# minor chord when played on open strings, enabling many unique harmonic possibilities. Probably no other piece in the repertoire has such a radical retuning of the instrument.

"Domeniconi's music seeks repeatedly the synthesis of East and West. He seems able to take the quintessence of different cultures and tell them anew. A hypnotic inevitability goes through his music."
~Michel Lydon, Soundboard, New York 2001




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