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Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

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Johann Dubez (1828-1891). Biography

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Dubez was a Viennese guitarist who studied with Mertz and became a virtuoso concert guitarist. Only a few works were published, which can be found for free PDF download from REX (including the Mertz-style Hungarian Fantasy), and also several hand-written manuscripts can be found in Boije.   His compositions make extensive use of the 10-string guitar, and it is nearly fruitless to attempt these pieces with less than an 8-string instrument. It also requires 22-24 frets on some pieces, clearly for the Staufer-style guitar. Most of the works are extremely difficult, with fast note flourishes, and clearly written for virtuoso players. In the later 19th century, as the romantic period flourished, instrumental virtuosity and sentiment were prevalent and sometimes overdone.

Biographie johann dubez


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