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Autor: Juan Durán (1960 - )

Fantasía Galaica Op.79 (José Manuel Dapena, guitarra)

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Xacobeo 2010

Juan Durán (1960 - )
Fantasía galaica Op. 79 *
Canto de berce

* World premiere by José Manuel Dapena
Bangkok Guitar Festival 2008

NOTES on Fantasía Galaica Op. 79 - Guitar

With unequivocal brevity, the Fantasía Galaica Op. 79 is a compact musical suite that incorporates motifs drawn from Galician popular folklore taken from famous popular song books, such as Casto Sampedro's or Bal y Gay's. A derivative formula of these folkloric themes serves the composer both to develop and vary pre-existing motifs and to provide this instrument with a traditional, definitive work of Galician roots. Fantasía Galaica includes six dances that are performed successively, without interruption.

The suite opens with the introductory Alborada, followed by a Muiñeira, a dance that shares a moderate 6/8 tempo similar to the Catalan Sardana. The third piece is a lullaby with a characteristic, intimate binary rhythm that evokes an atmosphere of serenity.

As with the Siete Canciones Populares Españolas by Manuel de Falla, the author combines the dances to create the effect of contrast and variety. The fourth dance, as in Falla's aforementioned work, is a Foliada, which is similar to a Galician Jota. Like in other type of Spanish jotas (Aragonese, Castilian, etc.) it is a lively piece, which conveys a dancer's leaps.

The two final pieces are more firmly rooted in the most ancient culture of the Galician country. The Alalá is a type of melody of uncertain origin (some people situate it in the East), which is both evocative and pure in its simplicity. One of its features is the how the musical phrases close with an echo reminiscent of Gregorian chants. And finally: a Pandeirada, fast dance, akin to the Muiñeira, with a ternary rhythm that alludes to one of the most significant instruments in Galicia, the pandeiro, a square double-face frame drum.

The work was composed in the summer of 2008 with specific care given to replicating elements of traditional Galician instruments upon the guitar. For example, the musical articulation of Galician bagpipes is emulated by rapid groups of slurs and Galician percussion is imitated via fretboard tapping with the left hand whilst strumming two strings with a single finger of the right hand.

The Fantasía Galaica made its premiere on July 27, 2008, at the Goethe Institute in Bangkok during the Guitar Festival in Thailand by guitarist José Manuel Dapena, to whom the work is dedicated.

Festival Internacional de Guitarra, Monterrey - México
Artistic Direction
Pedro Salcedo
Ana Maltos

April 17, 2010
Aula Magna - Centro Cultural Universitario
Monterrey, Mexico
José Manuel Dapena, guitar
Guitar by Gernot Wagner
Live Recording - Audio Technica AT4040
© 2010

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