Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

Biblioteca de la Guitarra y Cuerda Pulsada

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Give your guitar a rest – a player’s guide to keeping both feet on the ground


Holding the guitar is not as simple as it sounds. There are many many things involved, especially posture and its effects short and long term, and the interaction between posture and mental process. The following is a short discussion of the topic.

Posture itself is not implicated in injury or stress, and there are many people who have technically unbalanced postures who nonetheless manage to play with great relaxation and freedom and poise. BUT! – everything else being equal you are more likely to experience those desirable qualities if your posture is helping rather than hindering, and the use of footstool alternatives is the single most important contribution to that. Players who seem to me to achieve perfect balance using footstools include Williams and David Russell, with both of whom I have discussed this, and basically, yes, they are fine as they are! Whether they could be even finer with two feet on the floor I am not in position to...

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